Here’s the jist:

I’m here in hopes of mapping out the inner depths of my mind.  Road blocks, distractions and procrastination has built thick, sticky intertwined webs blinding my view with an endless haze. I have such whimsical thoughts that bounce around in my head, often ricocheting like a pinball, infinitely exploding up and down, playing monkey in the middle. Trapped. Unable to be released.

Before my mind explodes and my confessions are left to ooze out of my skull, as forgotten memories, lackluster and stagnant, I’ve decided to write them down. Stop time. Be able to dissect and reflect. To outsiders, this may be viewed as another redundant millennial complaining, to each their own- you’re perception is true and valid, but only within your own reality.  My posts will be from my reality, my cock-eyed view of the world, raw, uncut, often off kilter. My first AIM username was; ‘ashleytherealog’ as in Original Gangsta, Organized General. These are my thoughts that keep me up at night, that make me pause at a stop light a little to long,  the reason I talk so fast and stubble over my verbal explanations. Exploring the depths of my innsæi seems a bit scary- an unknown mystery, a foreign abyss, yet preconceived notions that just need descrambling or recoding. By openly sharing my perception of the world I see – my reality- maybe it will help me find some peace, untangle the chaos and perplexities that pulsate my brain. Bottling up my ideas/theories/thoughts has been daunting; they need to be unleashed, tamed, restrained, and shared. As a man from a red planet who has only ever known and seen the world in red meets a man from a yellow planet who has only ever known and seen the world in yellow- lets discuss, coverage, debate and grow, kindle our thoughts into a small ball of fire, bright as the sun, pure orange. In to the depths of my mind……down the rabbit hole we go..


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